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Reliability meets efficiency

With the 6X, ARGOS is the first manufacturer globally to combine the robot’s autonomous method of operation with the efficiency of 6 scanner units, each with 3 lenses, in one device.

The result: Unmatched flexibility in handling microscope slides, from scanning in different resolutions to location-independent diagnosis and fully automatic microscope slide storage.


Built for fully automated microscope slide capturing and deposition –
for system-independent integration into the workflow of medium-sized and
larger institutions.

6 High-End-Scanner

Simultaneous scanning of microscope slides in 6 devices working at the same time, which can also be used independently of each other in the event of malfunction.


The centerpiece of our system is the robot arm from KUKA, which is responsible for reliably feeding the scanners and the tray.


With 3,000 “parking positions,” the ARGOS 6X offers sufficient storage capacity for future RESCANs and automated filing operations in archive boxes.


Microscope slides can be loaded from the interim storage to complete a partial scan in higher resolution with the globally unique RESCAN function.


The 6X’s touchscreen provides direct scan control and a wide range of setup and maintenance functions without requiring an external PC.


A second feed tray can be used to pause ongoing capture processes and insert urgent cases for prioritized processing.

An investment in the digitization of microscope slides in pathology requires a qualitative and an economic consideration and, apart from the known advantages, must also presuppose an appropriate ROI. In addition, space-saving integration of multiple scanners into the procedures of a modern laboratory operation without additional personnel costs is a prerequisite.



The compactly designed ARGOS 6X perfectly combines these requirements with a fully automated 24-hour workflow, from feeding the microscope slides to depositing the diagnosed microscope slides into an archive box.


The deciding advantage of the ARGOS technology lies in the RESCAN feature. This gives the pathologist a direct influence on the image display during the diagnosis without a microscope slide leaving the facility. This special feature is absolutely unique and allows to rescan tissue marked on the monitor, if required, even in 40x/60x resolution without any manual interference.


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Microscope slide per day*

ARGOS High-end scanner6
Microscope slide mount21 racks with each 20 pieces = 420
Microscope slide per day3,000 / day*
Interim storage capacity3,000 slides
LIVE scan featureYes
Scan prioritized object slidesYes
full automatic archivingYes
Barcode recognitionall formats
Lenses per scannermax. 3
Olympus X-Line 2x, Apo 20x, 40x
Resolution (20x magnification)0,36µm/pixel
Resolution (40x magnification)0,18µm/pixel
Weight750 kg
Rated voltage230V 1V
Rated current3,6 A
Rated frequencyAC / 50 Hz
Fuse protectionmax. 10A Typ C
Measurements1.660 mm x 770 mm x 1.610 mm

* WSI at full load without interruption and rescans

According to the IVDR/CE standard, a certification procedure is currently in progress for the ARGOS scanners and Viewer software.
Until final approval (expected mid-2024), these products are not yet officially approved for clinical diagnostic purposes.



The attempt to optimize networked pathology can only be a holistic digital acquisition of all the institution’s microscope slides in the framework of an intelligent and fully automated integration without manual interference in the workflow. Singular scanners with attached monitors are not an option for advanced high-performance laboratories.

The ARGOS 6X was designed to quite literally put microscopes away.

6 ARGOS scanners, each equipped with one or a combination of several lenses as required, perform their work completely autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They are continuously fed and emptied by a robot.

An interim storage holds the scanned microscope slides until the pathologist has made a final evaluation of the case. Until then, he has the option of having each slide rescanned in whole or in part, even in a higher resolution (ARGOS-RESCAN).

Once the assessment is complete, the associated slides are removed from the interim storage by robots and placed in the archive box.

The stored image files are retrieved from the memory via the ARGOS Viewer or another software in conjunction with the pathology program and made available for diagnostic purposes. You can communicate with other pathologists at all times and in real-time.


We can also go smaller… and modular!

The ARGOS scanner – every single one is a genius.

Of course, we also offer our ARGOS multi-lens scanners as a stand-alone solution for manual use for lower scan volumes or targeted start-up digitization.

The advantage of choosing one or more individual ARGOS scanners is that they can later be easily integrated into our 6X multi-scanner unit.


Lenses per scannermax. 3
Olympus X-Line 2x, Apo 20x, 40x
Resolution (20x magnification)0,36µm/pixel
Resolution (40x magnification)0,18µm/pixel
Weight22 kg
Rated voltage230V 1V
Rated current24V =
Rated frequencyAC / 50 Hz
Fuse protection3A
Measurements (HxWxL)338 mm x 235 mm x 320 mm


According to the IVDR/CE standard, a certification procedure is currently in progress for the ARGOS scanners and Viewer software.
Until final approval (expected mid-2024), these products are not yet officially approved for clinical diagnostic purposes.



Analysis & scanning software that is addictive!

The ARGOS VIEWER offers, in cooperation with users, a perfected image reproduction for the evaluation of digitized tissue and allows professional diagnosis with several practical features. The big advantage is the so far unique RESCAN feature integrated into our ARGOS 6X! This gives the diagnostician the option of rescanning entire microscope slides or just individual image sections at the same or a higher resolution at any time and without manual interference.

Clear annotations are available for the usual work with the images.

Für die üblichen Arbeiten mit den Bildern stehen übersichtliche Annotationen zur Verfügung.

• Manage / rotate / zoom in / zoom out / measure the tissue
• Create screenshots, format, save and send
• Perform AI analyses*
• LIVE scan feature

*ARGOS uses modules of other software manufacturers after consulting with the users and integrates them into its viewer

According to the IVDR/CE standard, a certification procedure is currently in progress for the ARGOS scanners and Viewer software.
Until final approval (expected mid-2024), these products are not yet officially approved for clinical diagnostic purposes.


Comfortable image control module

With the ERGOPOINTER ARGOS uses, we provide the user with a state-of-the-art one-hand image control module for fatigue-free work. The device is based on the controls of classic microscopes, is suitable for both right- and left-handed users, and facilitates the pathologist’s transition into digital work. The control wheels simulate the fine/coarse adjustment on the microscope and allow for zooming, rotating, and maneuvering images.

Control keys are incorporated in the base, which can be assigned with commands for accelerated operation via the ARGOS VIEWER software as desired by the user and can be changed at any time. These include for example

• next scan
• collimation of measuring scale
• point to point measurement
• LIVE scan
• and much more

The entry is made directly and without delay. This enables accurate handling of the image material in real-time without any problems, even over a longer period.


Microscope slide archiving 2.0 – an end to transposed numbers and overtime…


We have sufficiently addressed the issue of microscope slide storage during the design of our 6X. We have therefore slipped the results into the development of an automatic microscope slide storage system. The result is the ARGOS Archivist SL – a compact and robust sorting system, easy to operate, extremely efficient, and low maintenance. The device is designed so that the user places the microscope slides in any order in a holding tray.

The device detects the microscope slides to be deposited and pulls them over a fixture under a camera. There, the barcode of each microscope slide is recorded, and the storage position in the box is saved. A display shows the level or the number of free spaces left in the box and reports a necessary box change.


Software can be used to determine and display the storage position of individual microscope slides at any time.



Argus Panoptes (All-seeing; Ancient Greek: Ἄργος Πανόπτης) or Argos (Ancient Greek: Ἄργος) is a many-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The figure is known for having generated the saying “the eyes of Argus”, as in to be “followed by the eyes of Argus”, or “trailed by” them, or “watched by” them, etc. These terms are used to describe being subject to strict scrutiny in one’s actions to an invasive, distressing degree.[citation needed] The monstrous entity has been either directly included or indirectly alluded to in a wide variety of works influenced by Greco-Roman thought.

We are building the ARGOS 6X, the world’s first robotic multi-scanner. Why?

It’s very simple: What we are building, did not exist!


Digital pathology - why?

For the pathology industry of the future, there is absolutely no alternative to digital imaging of microscope slides. Only with the help of full-scale digitization can institutions be networked and capacities optimized. Digital capture and rendering of microscope slides is a prerequisite for location-independent pathological work and is suitable for pregnant and disabled pathologists, mothers and fathers with small children, pathologists in training, when traveling, and conciliar co-examinations, videoconferences, congresses, etc. It replaces the manual movement of microscope slides from the laboratory to the pathologist, often over long distances, and facilitates archiving.

Theoretically, the findings can be made significantly faster and more effectively in a time zone shift. Countries or continents with a deficit of pathologists can rely on external medical specialist support in real-time. Pathologists specializing in specific diseases can be specifically assigned to perform diagnostics in your specialized field. Based on the data/quantity determined, a computer-assisted suggestion scheme can be developed in the medium-term using specially adapted algorithms and corresponding input modules in the ARGOS Viewer software, which can support pathologists in their daily work in the future.

The ergonomic advantages of working at a digital workstation customized to personal needs should also not be underestimated. Among other things, distance, size, and individual calibration of the diagnostic monitor, a height-adjustable work table for working even while standing, auxiliary tools for operation (see Ergopointer), and entry of findings play a major role.


Who is ARGOS?


Invention & Engineering

There is no such thing as impossible! The designer of our 6X and the ARGOS scanner - our Gyro Gearloose. He thinks three-dimensionally, masters the whole range of metalworking, and can simply design and build anything that fits on his equipment....


Jürgen Deuster

System control

The Brain from ARGOS - excellent chemist, but is much better in physics, mathematics, and especially optics! Thinks and programs all operations within the scanners and the complex sequence of 6X systematics.

Anton Rauwolf


A KUKA Freak, masters the keyboard of multidimensional control of robots like no other - also opens any beer bottle with a KUKA...


Thomas Gebing


Initiator, motivator and creative thinker. He identifies the deficiencies and potential for innovation in pathology through his marriage to a histologist, in whose laboratory his visions are extensively tested.

Stephan Wienert


knows what pathologists like! Holder of a Ph.D. in IT with years of experience in dealing with the work environment and the people's desires behind the microscopes. Responsible for Viewer and AI at ARGOS

Oliver Garbrecht


our sounding board in the market, knows the processes and technical equipment in pathologies in German-speaking countries since childhood, and has an extremely good instinct for upcoming investments, co-operations, and market developments. A modest but competent negotiating partner

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DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our company is ISO certified and in the continuing stage to ISO 13485.

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