Our Brand Story

“We are building the ARGOS 6X,
the world’s first robotic multi-scanner.”


“It’s very simple: What we are building, did not exist!”

In a small village called Vreden in Germany, within the walls of a modest yet ambitious pathology laboratory, a revolution in digital pathology was quietly brewing. Dr. Ana Gebing and her team were confronted with a trend that defines the reality of histopathology laboratories: a growing number of patient samples and a decreasing number of qualified pathologists and histotechnicians.

This is the story of ARGOS Slide Scanner Systems, a company born from the call to action of these rising needs and pressuring challenges. A company with a dedicated team of visionary pathologists, IT specialists and robotic engineers who dared to dream of a future where scanning technology and an optimized workflow would seamlessly intertwine.

Our Roots

Ana Gebing’s laboratory began its journey as a traditional pathology lab, diligently analyzing a high number of tissue samples under the traditional microscope to provide critical diagnoses. However, as the medical landscape evolved and the demand for faster, more accurate diagnostics tools grew, the lack of qualified staff became truly problematic. Ana and her husband Thomas, a serial entrepreneur and inventor, assessed the market for a solution to digitalize the ever-growing workload of slides. Although several digital scanning solutions were available on the market, none of them came even close to meeting Ana’s demands.

Thomas decided it was time to bring a group of experts together and embarked on a mission to revolutionize the field.

The Birth of a Vision

Driven by a shared passion for innovation and commitment to facilitate a solution for the lab, our ARGOS team set out to create a solution that is redefining digital pathology. Countless hours were spent in research and development combing existing technologies in robotics, microscopes and archiving processes. It was during these intense sessions of brainstorming and prototyping that the idea of our own digital pathology scanner was conceived.

Inventing the Future

The development of the ARGOS 6X was no small feat. Combing state of the art imaging technology with proven robotics and advanced software development, our team meticulously crafted a device capable of capturing high-resolution digital images whilst securing an optimal workflow for the lab technician and pathologist. The scanner not only replicated the meticulous work of a pathologist but did so with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Each scanned image could be analyzed, annotated and shared with ease, breaking down the barrier of pathologist shortage as diagnosis could now be performed at any location in Germany or even beyond.

A New Era in Pathology

ARGOS officially unveiled its digital pathology scanner to the world, marking the beginning of a new era in digital pathology. A multitude of pathology laboratories across the world are quickly embracing our technology, recognizing its potential to transform patient care.

Our commitment to Excellence

At ARGOS, our journey is far from over. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our team of experts remains at the forefront of technological advancements, constantly seeking ways to enhance our digital pathology solutions. We believe that every patient deserves the best possible care, and we are dedicated to INNOVATE PATHOLOGY.


Argus Panoptes (All-seeing; Ancient Greek: Ἄργος Πανόπτης) or Argos (Ancient Greek: Ἄργος) is a many-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The figure is known for having generated the saying “the eyes of Argus”, as in to be “followed by the eyes of Argus”, or “trailed by” them, or “watched by” them, etc. These terms are used to describe being subject to strict scrutiny in one’s actions to an invasive, distressing degree.[citation needed] The monstrous entity has been either directly included or indirectly alluded to in a wide variety of works influenced by Greco-Roman thought.

Made in Germany

ARGOS® embodies the legend of German mechanical engineering. We build industrial machinery, not tabletop units. All components are engineered by our own manufacturing plant, well-dimensioned and made of high-quality standard parts or supplied by reputable manufacturers. All our equipment is CE certified. Approval according to the presently valid IVDR regulations as well as our ISO 13485 certification is currently in progress and will be granted in 2024.

Chris Koeman

Chris Koeman


Passionate about delivering on a long-term Mission, Vision & Strategy in combination with a true company purpose; advancing cancer diagnostics is in his DNA. Strong personal drive, but always with the team performance top of mind. Seasoned leader with broad experience in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

Thomas Gebing

Thomas Gebing

CFO / Founder

Initiator, funder, motivator and creative thinker. He identifies the deficiencies and potential for innovation in pathology through his marriage to a histologist, in whose laboratory his visions are extensively tested.

Thomas Deuster

Thomas Deuster

Invention & Engineering

There is no such thing as impossible! The designer of our 6X and the ARGOS scanner – our Gyro Gearloose. He thinks three-dimensionally, masters the whole range of metalworking, and can simply design and build anything that fits on his equipment….

Stephan Wienert

Stephan Wienert


knows what pathologists like! Holder of a Ph.D. in IT with years of experience in dealing with the work environment and the people’s desires behind the microscopes. Responsible for Viewer and AI at ARGOS

Oliver Garbrecht

Oliver Garbrecht


knows the processes and technical equipment in pathologies in German-speaking countries since childhood, and has an extremely good instinct for upcoming investments, co-operations, and market developments. A modest but competent negotiating partner.

Jürgen Deuster

Jürgen Deuster

System Control

The Brain from ARGOS – excellent chemist, but is much better in physics, mathematics, and especially optics! Thinks and programs all operations within the scanners and the complex sequence of 6X systematics.

Anton Rauwolf

Anton Rauwolf


A KUKA Freak, masters the keyboard of multidimensional control of robots like no other – also opens any beer bottle with a KUKA…


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